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What Can You Do In Six Days?

Andrew Raynor Dover

By Coach Robbie for The Crushing Iron Podcast

What if I told you . . .

You could have 6 entire days to yourself.

You could use each of these days to better yourself.

Test yourself.


Disconnect from life and all the chaos and stress it brings.

Clear you mind.

Soul search.

Show yourself how far you have come and be grateful.

When you get back you will still have your job, family, friends, etc. Nothing will have changed for them. To everyone around you it will be like you were never gone but you will feel like an entirely new person.

Does this sound like something you might be interested in? Great! I thought so! Since last October I have spent 144 hours training. THAT IS 6 DAYS!!

The greatest part of all that time spent was that I kept it all for myself. No Strava. No Garmin Connect. No nothing.

I compare every single session based on my personal effort of that day. Isn’t that what training is supposed to be about? How we test ourself each day and then grow from it?

Yes, I am sure you will try to convince me of all the great features that applications like Strava have but i don’t buy it. I don’t buy any of it. What is wrong with keeping something for yourself these days?

Sharing is not caring . . . for yourself in this sense.

You end each run. You sprint to upload it and then spend minutes comparing it do a past route. A past effort. A training buddy. Your biggest rival. Most of us got into endurance sports for ourselves but quickly got swept up in screenshot wars. I know I did.

We lose sleep over KOM or QOM segments in a virtual world where no one knows you or frankly even cares how you are doing…. they just want to do better then you. Period.

So stop sharing every damn thing you do. Go for a run in a quiet place where you can hear a pin drop.

Stop halfway. Look around and feel it. Feel WHY you do these things and remember that of all the hours in the day you have very, very few precious minutes to yourself. I challenge you to disconnect from all the gadgets and comparison and reconnect with yourself. Be selfish with your time and I bet you wont go back.

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Andy Raynor Dover

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