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Sarah does it again – Ironman European Champion!

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Maintaining fantastic run form Sarah runs towards the victory in Frankfurt at the Ironman European Championships. Photo Credit: ingo.kutsche

Both Josh Amberger and Sarah Crowley backed up their dominating wins at the Cairns Asia Pacific Ironman Championships 4 weeks ago with big wins in Europe!!!

I had planned Sarah’s year out that we would use Cairns as a lead-in for Frankfurt… So her actual preperation for Cairns was quite short, with Frankfurt being 4 weeks later… She had the luxury of not pushing too hard in the run at Cairns so recovery was very fast and we got up to our European base of St Moritz to then keep building into Frankfurt European champs where I wanted her to really test herself against the Europeans in their home turf, but more importantly put Sarah under pressure to perform outside her comfort zone…Course I wouldn’t let her look at it, different food, different language, different everything…

The European Ironman Champion is pumped! Photo Credit: ingo.kutsche

Well Sarah went ahead and really added to the test, going way off course in the swim, and giving the danger Anja Beranack 4min headstart onto the bike. But Sarah’s biking is going from strength to strength particularly her last 60km and she went about turning the afterburners on once she hit 120k mark and pulled Anja back and dispatched her immediately and reduced leader Lucy Charles lead to a more managable 4min off the bike… Sarah was then able to execute a solid run to go 8:47 and win the European title to go with her Middle East 70.3, Australian National Long Course and Asia Pacific Championships in last 6months… After a quick trip back to St Mortiz, Sarah is off to our US camp in Park City Utah to continue our build up to Kona.

Another fantastic win by Josh, this time in Sweden

Josh also had a short lead-up to Cairns, made quick recovery and headed straight off to Europe. Training picked up quickly and Josh was able to take a wire to wire win in Sweden’s 70.3. We all have our own personal numbers and gauges that we use to asses performaces aside from results, and with ours, we put Josh’s Sweden effort as his best ever 70.3 performance, especially on the bike, so all is shifting in the right direction as we continue to build the weapons to be a player in Kona in the future. Josh is also off to the US after his next race in Calgary 70.3 in 2 weeks time.

Race Recap from Coach Mary Beth Ellis:

Finish Line celebrations for Lisa in Roth.

Lisa Roberts had an excellent day at Roth using a devastating run split of 2:56 to finish 3rd. Lisa was very pleased with her bike and run. She said, “I don’t even know what to say. I am so excited!” she exclaimed. “I wanted a podium, and I wanted get sub9 – I did both! I can’t believe it!” The coaches were impressed with Lisa pushing and continuing to hunt all day collecting scalps as she ran through the field.

Rob Straznitskas won the Norway Sprint Tri in Maine. He used a solid swim and bike then closed it out making the rutty rugged trail run look easy. Rob is coming back from a bike crash during a race just a few weeks ago so it’s amazing to see him back winning in no time.

Race Recap from Coach Mathias Hecht:

The cap sums it up…, Congratulations Georgina!

Amazing weekend for age group athlete Georgina racing the iconic Challenge Roth for the first time, winning her age group and finishing 7th overall. After a not so ideal swim that didnt go to plan, she was back in her game on the bike and on the run, showing me, that if you prepare a race with enough dedication and do the work that is necessary, a lot is possible. The conditions were everything but what she really likes… she has had her best performances racing in the north. A former cross country skier you can understand why she prefers to go hard in the cold weather as that’s what she is used to. So even more impressive to see her put out such a race and mixing it up with the pros. In 2016 Georgina dealt with a foot injury and we changed the run training around quite a bit in 201. We skipped the very long runs until the last few weeks where we did only two runs longer then 2h. In the end, it is better to have a healthy athlete on the start line then one that missed out several weeks of run training. Our tactic worked out perfectly and I couldnt be more happy for her. I think she still has so much more potencial and with racing so well in the heat on Sunday, why not giving Kona another go and improve her past results there. Well done Georgina, proud of you!

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

A wonderful PB by Phillipe….., seen here with Proud Coach Robbie.

Philippe Blatter raced in Ironman Frankfurt and did me proud.  As a busy executive with almost weekly international travel, I hold Philippe up as the gold standard of passion for the sport of triathlon, and ability to fit in training while balancing the demands of a young and active family (two very good junior triathletes), wife, and career. Philippe trained harder than I thought possible in preparation, and at age 52 finished in an amazing time of 12 hours 6 minutes, setting a new personal best swim time of 1 hour exactly, and personal best ever finish time for any of his 16 Ironman races. To be fit and healthy enough to complete an Ironman / distance race every year since 1999 is something to celebrate, and a beacon of healthy living for an active life. Outstanding!

Gisela competed in the Gigathlon in Zurich a 362km 5 person team race over the Saturday and Sunday.  Over the course of the weekend Gisela completed a 3km swim, 18km run, 3km swim, 98km bike, 12km run.  It’s good to remind ourselves that there are so many fun events, and not to take ourselves and our sport too seriously.  It can be fun too! 🙂

Race Recap from Coach Susie Langley:

Enjoying the finish line!

After a wonderful 3 week training (and coaching) block in St.Moritz, Mirjam Weerd returned home to the Netherlands ready to take on 2 races in 5 days. First up Triathlon Nieuwe Niedorp…, Mirjam was on fire schorcing away to take the overall win in fine style. Next up was Triathlon Utrecht and after a great swim Mirjam worked her way to a 4+ min lead before her race was derailed with a mechanical. Better go around again next weekend then…. 😉

It aint over till it’s over…., finishing off Day 2 strongly with a great City Run.

Nina Derron raced at the very popular Gigathlon in Zurich…., finishing second in the Couples category with teammate Denis. Completing a Swim-Bike-Swim-Bike-Run combo over the 2 day event it served as a valuable experience, with both hard racing and the full range of racing emotions that come with that. Congratulations to Nina and Denis for never giving up and fighting hard to the final finish line.

Race Recap from Coach Perry Agass:

A Great win at The Bastion by Matt

This weekend saw Matt Leeman take on the brutal Full distance (The Bastion) from the Castle Triathlon Series.Because of the brutal nature of the race, times was always going to go out the window and just the raw honest hard racing needed to come through. Matt lead the race from start to finish and stormed to victory despite competing in the rare UK heat crossing the line 10.21 with a 41min lead over James Easson, a very encouraging performance for young Matt for his ongoing progress, very well done.

Race Recap from Coach Mirjam Weerd:

All ready for a great day at Challenge Roth; Great work John (and James!)

This weekend John Anthony raced his first long distance triathlon at Challenge Roth. He signed up with his son James because it seemed like a great plan at the time. John has been a regular Trisutto camp participant and it is only four months ago that we started working together. Balancing training, family and work is always a puzzle. But John mastered this very well. With limited time he went to Roth well prepared. During the race he hit his swim and bike target times like a swiss clock. On the run the heat did its devastating job and the new run course made sure marathon splits were not as fast as in previous years. John did whatever he needed to, to keep going. He finished in 12.20,37 hrs with a 7th place out of 38 finishers in the M60 agegroup well within the top ten! His son James finished an hour earlier. Both still fit enough to enjoy a large well deserved German beer after the finishline. Congratulations John and James!

Race Recap from Coach Lisbeth Kristensen:

The trophy tells the storey! Congrats on your win Jona 🙂

This weekend I had Jona Dahlqvist racing the 70.3 in Jönköping in Sweden. Jona is preparing for the IM Kalmar and used this race as a training race for the big one! Jona did great and won her age group, 50-54, by more than 33 mins! Jona had a great swim (33 mins) and awesome bike (2:48) and she finished off with a very good run!

In Frankfurt, Melanie Baumann raced the European Champs. Melanie has been working hard on her swim and she was therefore very pleased to exit the water with a new PB, just under 1:10, an improvement by 4 mins.After a great swim, Melanie continued to ride very well and kept overtaking lots of athletes on the course, she rode in 5:07. Unfortunately, tons of drafting took place… Out on the run, Melanie suffered a lot from stomach issues and she bonked! She still managed to run under 4 hours and ended up with a time of 10:19, and 10th pace in age group 35-39, well fought Melanie!

Leading from wire-to-wire, Camille picks up the winners spoils 🙂

Camille Nieto had a great race in Alsace! She raced the Elsassman which is 1500 swim, 41.8 kms on the bike and then 10.8 kms on the run. Camille lead from the start to finish! She swam 30 mins, she rode 1:08 and she ran 42:22. Congratulations on your win, Camille!

Giving all she had on the day, well done Bettina.

Bettina Strehl raced the half Ostseeman in Damp. Bettina didn’t have her best day of racing and her preparation was very interrupted as she lives in Hamburg which last week was like living in a war zone because of the G20 Summit! Bettina did the best that she could and got 10th over all.

In Roth, Maurice Inzirillo raced this legendary race! Maurice has been training a lot less than usual due to other priorities but Maurice has got a lot of talent and he’s a fantastic racer so he still mage to get 7th in his age group, and to run the marathon in 3:45.

Race Recap from Coach Christian Nitschke:

Sub 5 and fantastic 4th place for Cornelia; Congratulations.

Once again a weekend with a lot of racing lies in the past.
First of all I want to highlight Cornelia Stähli´s performance at Ironman 70.3 Jonköping. It´s just 4 weeks since she finished her first 70.3 race in Rapperswil with a 12th place in her agegroup very well. Late in April Cornelia decided to register for 70.3 Jonköping since she had a very good preparation and felt confident that she would cope with the new distance. Last Sunday she definitely exceeded my expectations in Sweden and showed that she can perform very well at the new distance! A solid swim and the third fastest bike and run split earned her the 4th place in her agegroup. The first sub 5hr finish was a nice bonus. It is just a matter of time until she climbs on the podium for the first time. Later that day after the awards ceremony she has send me a picture of the Ironman 70.3 world championship qualifying medal ;-). I would say one of next year’s season highlights is defined already.

Pavel Blagikh did a 4km open water swim last Saturday. That competition is carried out every 4 weeks and he could improve by 5min even though he swam a lot more relaxed compared to 4 weeks ago. “I was afraid of waves a little bit, so didn’t push myself in the beginning.  Finish: 1h15min – and I can do it faster! After this swim I was absolutely fresh 0_o”. I think we are on a good way to improve Pavels weakest discipline!

Triathlon; a contact sport…!

Andre Möller had a long break from triathlon before we started to work together last autumn. Before that, he struggled a lot with injury. This completely killed his motivation back then and he decided to step back for a couple of years. Our goal was to bring his performance back step by step and take very small steps to bring back the fun in training and racing again. The Ostseeman Damp middle distance race last Sunday was his 2nd triathlon of the season and I am very happy with his result. I did not expect him to be that fast already! He had a tough swim because another competitor accidentally hit his goggles. He had to remove the goggles a couple of time to let the blood out… But it did not slow him down on the bike and run. He finished strong in 4hrs41min, had fun and is motivated to continue the training and improve from race to race. But most of all he is completely injury free and enjoys the training.

Christian Karlberg had a very tough day in Frankfurt. The heat really killed Christian’s performance after the first couple of kilometers in the run. He thought about not finishing the race because it was far behind what he is capable of. But he reminded himself off that his wife and kids are following the race and that he wanted to bring the finisher medal back home. I know how hard it is to run/walk a marathon at the end of an ironman. But it is so important to finish a race if possible. Otherwise it will be so easy to continuously drop out if anything is not going according to plan. We will look for new challenges now to show the improvement in training also in a race!

Race Recap from Coach Mateo Mercur:

Kyle, finishing fourth at beautiful June Lake.

Kyle Gardner put the final touches on his Ironman Whistler prep with the half-distance triathlon at June Lake. Kyle traveled to the Sierras in California for the unique, high-altitude race. The plan was to get after the swim, blast the bike, and then cruise the run at IM effort. Kyle did just that, and despite a minor panic attack on the swim and a flat tire on the bike, Kyle finished fourth overall. We’ll be working on his open water techniques at training camp in Montana this weekend and I’ll make sure he’s got sealant in his race tires for Whistler. Well done Kyle, it’s a steep learning curve, and you’re climbing fast!

Race Recap from Coach Dirk Neumann:

Ready to shine! Super race by Claudia – Congratulations!

Claudia Heule finished at Challenge Roth with a PB. She did exactly what she learnd about TBF in our Mallorca Camps this year. We find a swim stroke that fits for her. She save a lot of energy during the swim. Used the bike musles and not the cardiovascular on the bike. For the first time she was able to run fast. 3:38h. Smashed her PB for more than one hour. This was a great race. 6th in her AG. It show me again what is possible using our TBF method. And it was three months coaching only. Interesting for the next future.

A great sight for any athlete…., the finisher chute; great work Nicole overcoming some major obstacles mid-race!

Nicole Müller started at the Frankfurt Ironman. After a solid swim, she had bad luck after she was hit on the bike by a pro at the heart breack hill in the first loop. She had a lot of pain. Especially on the run course. Her knee looks very bad. But she has a strong character and finished strong. I think most of the athletes had not finished. Chapeau. You did it. Next chance Almere in September.

Race Recap from Coach Ed Rechnitzer:

“Happy with that one!”

Big congrats to  Todd “the come-back man” Hawkins for a 7th AG finish and a ~19min PB at 70.3 Muncie (Indiana) on Sat. Todd emerged 3rd from the water in his AG, kept to the game plan on the bike and then put down a solid run which he has been working on a lot over the past two years. Todd has an incredible resilience and competitive spirit that has allowed him to overcome many an obstacle in his life and on his triathlon journey.

Race Recap from Coach Carson Christen:

Victory for Maxi as he prepares for Championship races.

Maxi Spahn took part in the Rappershausen round of the Franken Cup Mountain Bike Series in Germany this past weekend. With the Bavarian and German Championships coming up the next two weekends, Maxi was able to use some good training fitness and produce a very solid race, taking home the victory! Some good mojo for the next two weekends. Ride the wave, Maxi!

Race Recap from Coach Edith Niederfriniger:

Hats off Oriana, you never quit!!

Oriana Heer, after a tough week at work, got to the startline of Sempachersee Triathlon sprint (Switzerland) a bit empty. After the warmup in the water she even felt dizzy. But once into the race, Oriana showed her strong character and at the end it was an excellent training workout. She gave all she had on the day!

Jana Perrone participated in a relay team and did the swim leg. After the 3,8km he got out of the water in 1:09.13 and enjoyed watching her teammates doing their jobs afterwards. For Jana it was a good training session combined with lots of fun racing at Challenge Roth.

Martina racing for the first time Challenge Roth, 7th WPRO! Photo

Martina Dogana, one month after Challenge Venice, wanted for the first time in her career experience the Challenge Roth myth. Marty had a good first half part of the race, then the game became a bit tough, probably the Ironman distance race from last month was still in her legs. Nonetheless She placed 7th WPRO in 9:52.56 and had one of the best and emotional experiences in her long career.Well done Martina!

Giovanni, tired but happy finisher at Ironman Frankfurt

Giovanni Marion (M55) race Ironman Frankfurt, and as he had to change the chip last minute before the start, we don’t have the official times yet. But for Giovanni it was all about fighting through the adventure. On a hot day, a lot of competitors needed medical aid. Gianni finished the race well and we are proud of his finisher medal, real spirit of ‘inspire’ and ‘believe’.

Race Recap from Coach Bella Bayliss:

Lucy defends her title at The Bastion. Photo Credit: James Mitchell Photography.

Lucy Biddlestone went to defend her title at The Bastion iron distance, a Castle Triathlon series event at Hever Castle in the UK, and once again she came out on the top spot and taking away a much appreciated pay check. A super tough UK event taking all day to complete!  But Lucy was prepared for the day and ready for everything that the day threw at her. Now Lucy will use this day as another step to the 2nd half of her year of racing.”

Race Recap from Coach Vassilis Krommidas:

This week four from my athletes take part in European ch. Frankfurt Ironman,
  • George and Anastasis Mitropapas participated for first time in Ironman distance both. This two brothers they race and finish together side by side in 10:20:22.
  • Also for 4th time in Ironman distance Mania Bikof make a huge PB with 1hour and 49 min! She finished the race in 12:27:37 with just 6 months training together.
  • Lamprini Liouta a young girl with just 8 months in training together she makes a great race with BP for almost 30 minutes! She was in podium in 2nd position in his AG 25-29 with 10:13:48!
Big Congratulations to all athletes for their excellent results
  • Race Recap from Coach Jo Spindler:
  • A PB and 10th place for Shiao-Lu in Frankfurt!
  • This weekend was a great one for my squad. Almost everybody achieved a personal best time and I’m very happy seeing all the consistent and hard work paying of big time now. Fantastic performances on all fronts.
  • At Ironman Frankfurt Shiao-Yu Li had a much better race than she believed she could do. Finishing 10th in a competitive field. Three weeks ago Shiao-Yu flewing from Taiwan to Germany to prepare together with my professional squad for this event. Every time Shiao-Yu arrives in very poor shape but then the coach builds her up to decent fitness in just a few weeks relying on her unbreakable will and warrior attitude. In this preparation we do a lot things different. Only two days after her arrival I had her race an Olympic Distance backed up by a sprint dfstamce seven days later and then the big race in Frankfurt. The days between those races were filled with a lot, hard training and some days Shiao-Yu was so tired that she felt asleep whenever she sat down between the sessions. But she never missed or cut a session short. I’m super happy that everything worked to plan and that Shiao-Yu improved her personal best time for longcourse race. Very well done Shiao-Yu. Looking forward to your next one.

  • Well done on a strong race Mihai. We keep raising the bar.
  • Mihai Vigariu finished his first ever long distance in a fantastic time of 9:32hrs. Executing race plan almost to perfection. Only at the end of the Marathon he struggled a bit with nutrition which cost him a few minutes. Funny thing was, that whenever I cheereed him at the course he stopped pedaling and almost fell of the bike. 🙂

  • Sub 10 is on the cards for Victor….
  • Victor Osokin also improved his personal best time for the Ironman distance race in Frankfurt going Sub10hrs for the first time in his life. He had a mechanical on the bike which cost him about 10-15mins to repair. But Victor never lost focus and motivation and just carried on. I’m more than happy that he still could achieve a personal best despite a technical problem on the bike shows which a good athlete he is. We are already working on his next goals by improving his nutrition loosing a bit of weight for a hot run at Ironman Malaysia.
  • Boris Hueber did another preparation race for Ironman Zurich at Elsassman. Finishing 4th over all and posting the fastest bike split of the day out of a full week of training.
  • Rowan Voster had a great race at IM 70.3 Jonkoping finishing 4th in his Age Group with solid performances in all three legs.

  • Well done Adi competing after a big training week.
  • Although out of a hard training week Adi Glaettli did the Sempacher See Triathlon performing well on tired legs. He felt great on the swim, had a solid bike and toughend it out on the run. Only Youngsters of his Age Group were in front of him.

  • Another strong race by Sandra, this time at the Sempacher Tri.
  • Sandra Schoeni showed again a strong race at Sempacher Triathlon beating former training mates. Sandra keeps improving from race to race and growing self-confidence through her training and racing. Happy to work together with such a dedicated athlete.
  • Race Recap from Coach Rafal Medak:

  • Ana and Carolina enjoying Sweden! Stay tuned when the ‘The Fun Team’ goes racing next…
  • It was a successful and fun team event for Ana Berenguel and Carolina Lanza in Sweden where they raced Ironman 70.3 Jonkoping. Following Carolina and Ana triathlon advantages I’m very inspired by their performance and the fun factor they always bring with them to the races! Ana placed 9th in her Age Group showing her strengths producing one of the top AG swim and run. Next time she will show her bike power too after we sort out her bike aero position confidence. Great job Ana! Carolina had a very solid swim too if only she sticked to the race distance! There was no need for extra 300m 🙂 It was a big PB for Carolina on the bike (30min) and she finished off with great run to match Ana’s!  I’m very happy with Carolina’s progress and we get back to work to come even stronger next time. Very well done!
  • A week ago Steve Lyons raced 70.3 Edinburgh as his preparation for Ironman Zurich later this month. Scottish weather conditions added to a tough race with a very choppy swim, the bike which felt like into the wind all the way and a hilly run course. It wasn’t a surprise to me that Steve had a very good race putting together a strong swim, fighting the elements on the bike and finishing off with solid run. Steve placed 10th in his Age Group which was his best result ever in an IM 70.3 race. I’m very happy with Steve’s progress as we build up the next race on the calendar. Congratulations Steve! Great job!

  • Olympic Distance Racing is fun! Well done Rafal.
  • With Coach’s encouragement, Rafal decided to race a local olympic distance triathlon. It might come as a surprise that it was Rafal’s debut at this type of racing considering his middle and long distance credentials. It’s good to explore and innovate so, as always, Rafal took on the challenge. A shock to the system it really was! Great training day with a few lessons for next time.
  • Congratulations to all our athletes competing this weekend.
  • online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here.

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