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The other day on Podcast #266, Coach Robbie went into a rant about how triathletes are the worst when it comes to bike repairs and it created a new t-shirt character. Here’s what he said, regarding how we take our bikes in at the last minute.

“Don’t be Last-Minute-Larry like most triathletes and be like Hey I need to tune-up and the whole shebang . . . new tires, new tubes, true my wheels, grease the chain, and you know what, I even need a new chain I need the newest carbon sonic carbon graded super chain where I’m gonna gain 80 watts, and I need a new derailleur hanger made of gold and you know what go ahead and throw some aero bars on there. All right sir that’ll be $2,342. Okay, and I’ll need it back by, I don’t know, I’m thinking like tomorrow around 10 because I leave from my race on you know tomorrow at 10:15 so cool, sweet. Yeah and you wonder why bike shops hate triathletes.”

Sometimes the truth hurts, but it can also be funny. Get your Last Minute Larry shirt from our store.

Andy Raynor Dover

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