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Guts and Determination

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Overcoming all that was thrown at her; congratulations Jacqueline on 2nd place at Cebu 70.3                                     Photo Credit:

Jacqueline Thistleton was 2nd in the Cebu 70.3 and put on one hell of a display of guts and determination to recover from a heavy crash late in bike leg, which saw her collide with a spectator who had strayed onto the course. To pick herself up and get to T2 dazed and with a broken bike, then run through for a podium leaves quite a clear message, this girl isn’t here just to collect passport stamps…..

Race Recap from Coach Brett Sutton:

Flying home on the run!

This weekend was another big weekend of racing. The Welsh Wizard Corinne Abraham taking a great second in her adventure to 70.3 Gydinya. Just when coach was getting worried, the wizard pulled out a super run split from her bag of tricks, to produce another great step forward on her road to kona. Well done Corinne!

All set in Cebu!

Nini Ruttanaporn lined up at Cebu 70.3 for her first race in the Trisutto colors, joining the team after our first summer Age Group Camp this year.  Nini finished 4th in her Age Group; a result coach was happy with as she adjusts to new training routines and learns that we approach races a little differently than most.


Race Recap from Coach Edith Niederfriniger:

Jonathan during the run at 70.3 Gdynia.

Jonathan Ciavattella, after a period of resetting due to different things happening, raced 70.3 Gdynia as the first ‘comeback’ race. 7th place in 3:56.59, feeling well and finishing with a 1:14 half marathon was a positive surprise for the coach. Jonnie was just 3’ behind 3rd place and 5’ behind the winner Boris Stein from Germany. So…just one thing: welcome back Jonathan!
Emanuele Mutti participated in an open water swim race, 1 mile, just for fun and training. 29:44 his time. Well done Emanuele.

Race Recap from Coach Dirk Neumann:

Another Norseman Podium for Kristin.

Kristin Lie finished at 3rd place at THE NORSEMAN. After she wins the 70.3 IM Haugesund, she was one of the favourite. Hard conditions as usual at that race … cold and rain.. less wind this year.
She had a good swim in 14C cold water. Hammering on the bike to the lead at km 40 she got a mechanical problem with her aerobars. She had to ride the last 140k without using it. That reflected her running performance witch is normally her strength. This time she was not able to follow the two leaders an decided to safe energy and stabilised the 3rd place.. Great performance!!! And thank you to all supporters. We changed some small things on her swim technique in May this year. That helps her enormously. She is much faster than before and needs less energy. “.. last year I had the feeling I used 20 calories for the swim, now 1 calorie!” That’s Total Body Force. Looking very positive into the next race in Almere.

Race Recap from Coach Mirjam Weerd:

A blitzing run by Brent!

Brent Patteeuw took a 15th place at the Belgium Championships Middle distance in Eupen Sunday. Nailed the swim, fought hard on the bike and flew on the run (one of the fastest in the field with a 1.15 half marathon 😁). Best part was getting the nutrition right after a few struggles. We discussed it in the last couple of weeks and came up with a new plan. Stomach problems were gone, so really happy for him with such a solid race! Well done Brent!

Race Recap from Coach Carson Christen:

Fourth place for Rahel at IM Maastricht.

Rahel Bellinga took to the start at Ironman Maastricht this weekend after a very slow build up from some injuries over the winter and in the early season. She had a very solid half-distance win a few weeks ago and we were eager to see how she would show. She produced a very standard swim, and then went to work on the bike. We maybe held back a little too much on the bike, hoping for a solid run, but she still produced the 3rd fastest bike split of the day. Then onto the run, Rahel’s legs held up and she felt fit, coming across the line 4th on the day. A much better finish than in Ironman Western Austraila in December, which hopefully means we keeping going up from here. Nice job, Rahel!

A good training run race for Sean.

Sean Laude took part in the NYRR 5 Mile Team Championships this weekend with his club (North Brooklyn Runners) in Central Park. On the day, while prepping for Penticton ITU Duathlon Worlds, Sean ran a 30:13 for the 5 miles, finishing ahead of 83% of the runners in the field. Sean is getting healthier and healthier from a naggy injury, and the run splits are coming down! Great job Sean.

Race Recap from Coach Ed Rechnitzer:

Greg savouring a well earned victory.

Big congrats to Greg Stevenson for winning his AG at Xterra Canmore! Greg emerged 4th out of the water, carved out an ~8min lead on the MTB and then carefully managed the run to hold on to 1st. Greg also used this race to measure some of the competition he will face at ITU Cross WC in Penticton later this month. On track mate!

Race Recap from Coach Lisbeth Kristensen:

Melanie on the podium again! This time 2nd, racing the Olympic distance in Nyon.

This weekend, I had 2 of my athletes racing in Nyon in Switzerland. They both did a great job!
Melanie Baumann raced the olympic distance which is a lot shorter than what she’s used to! Melanie had a great race and especially a very strong bike and she came second in her age group!

Strong performance by Camille, 2nd place racing the sprint distance in Nyon.

Camille Nieto raced the sprint race. With 3 kms to go on the bike, Camille got a puncture and she was forced to slow down. Off the bike, she ran very well and she was leading the race until just the last few meters where she without knowing suddenly and unfortunately got passed! A great 2nd place for Camille in her age group!
Well done girls, very proud of you both!

Race Recap from Coach Mathias Hecht:

Daniel Schaller competed at the Olympic Distance race in Nyon and started with a very solid Swim 28.50 min. He exited the water on 31st position overall. Once more he showed how strong he is on the bike with a 1h08min split for the 40k on a hilly course and entered T2 on 15th position. He could make another 3 spots during his 10k to finish on a very good 12th position in a race I made him do completely out of training.

Georgina Gadient raced St.Moritz Triathlon and finished 3rd in the overall category. Despite of a so called “off day”. She choose the dark goggles for the swim and had to stop and find her way because of that. Then she couldn’t push the way she wanted on the bike as there were cars in her ways during the bike leg. at the end she is not the girl who complains. she knows this was just not her day and she already moved on and we concentrate on the next race coming up.

Race Recap from Coach Susie Langley:

Very happy to see Tracey Horne blow away a few race cobwebs over the past week – starting last Wednesday with a midweek evening 5k Trail Run, followed by a 3800 Open Water Race on Saturday morning. Tracey performed strongly in both events and is looking forward to more! 🙂

Race Recap from Coach Michelle Barnes:

Lori collecting her hardware from the Canmore OD 🙂

It was a weekend up ups & down for my squad. First off Lori Russet set off to Canmore for her 3rd ever triathlon. This was hilly Olympic Distance race in the mountains around Canmore.
Lori was with her kids and husband in another province over for the last few weeks and just at the start of the week caught the flu from her kids. Lori is tough and not starting wasn’t an option as this was going to be a fun weekend away racing with her friends. As with all my athletes we had a race plan but had to modify it a bit so she could get through the race without too much pressure. As It’s ingrained in  my athletes to always be tough, Lori was able to showcase this on the day and walked away with 2nd in her Age!! Lori plans to step up to the Half Ironman Distance next year, can’t wait!

Nat Kerr had a plan for a Half Marathon in Brisbane last Sunday. She been blazing in training and racing this year so we were both pretty excited to see what she could do. Well without going into too much detail, Nat while leading her category had to run off course for some unfortunate business. Despite this she still managed a half marathon PB and 4th in her catagory! Hopefully another one in the cards soon but if not plenty of triathlons to crush in her near future 🙂

Alan Sweeney had plans for Ironman Maastricht over the weekend. I can honestly say he was more ready for this one that any other he’s done. It’s been a journey to get him from 12 hrs to the goal for a Kona qualification but we are definitely headed in the right direction. After posting a 6 min better swim than his last Ironman in April, 15 km into the bike, Al hit some debris and came off his bike. After this he was unable to continue- thankfully no major damage but we were both pretty devastated by the incident. The only thing we can do now is move forward, find another race and ride this new fitness. Onwards and upwards!!!

Race Recap from Coach Rafal Medak:

Making good progress, well done Krzysztof at 70.3 Gdynia, Poland.

Few weeks after his debut in 70.3 distance Krzysztof was again on the start line again still remembering how hard the run felt in his first race.  We have made couple of changes in the raining approach, dialled in the nutrition and also slightly modified the race strategy. I was really curious to see the final result and I wasn’t disappointed.
After a very strong swim in the Baltic sea Krzysztof came out of the water looking very fresh. Despite his foot cramping in T1 he was quick through the transition and disappeared on the bike. He paced the bike to perfection and his average power and NP were within 1W of what we have agreed before the race. This gave him a massive confidence boost and he was surprised how well he felt starting the run. He started running at the target pace from the very beginning and he run like a metronome – each kilometre almost at an identical pace from the start through the finish. He surprised himself with the result: a run 15min faster than in his first race at this distance – half marathon off the bike in 1:29 and the overall PB of 4:47.
The objective in triathlon is the quickest overall time and not the fastest swim or bike split and his race is a perfect example that the best results come from a well executed race with a similar effort across all 3 disciplines.
I’m very happy with Krzysztof’s race and I’m proud of what we have achieved during last 12 months since we have started working together. On Sunday he run half marathon in the 70.3 race 3 minutes faster than his half marathon run PB from last year. Now his run PB is almost 10 minutes faster and the is just the beginning. Congratulations on a perfect race from the entire TriSutto Team. Proud Coach.

Race Recap from Coach Mat O’Halloran:

World Champs qualifier! Congratulations Bing!

This past Sunday, at the 9th edition of the highly popular Cobra Ironman 70.3, in the Philippine Islands, Manila based swim coach Bing Bernares managed a strong all around performance, under wavy, hot, and humid conditions. Her execution left her some minutes out of the podium, but good enough for a slot, to next years 70.3 Ironman World Championships, in Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa. Now back to training, towards her maiden full Ironman distance, in Florida in a few months!

Race Recap from Coach Mateo Mercur:

A great result for Paula on her Road to Kona.

Paula Ponte raced in her home country of Brazil at 70.3 Las Alagoas. Paula raced personal best times in all three disciplines to set a new personal best at the 70.3 distance. With her Garmin out of order and racing on feel, Paula nailed the bike and also ran the very uncommon 70.3 negative split. Paula was third overall and first for women 18-24. Next stop… Kona!

Lauren Capone went into 70.3 Boulder on the back of a solid training block. Training is starting to click for LC as we look ahead to some full distance races in the fall. It was a tenth place finish for Lauren and an honest effort to build strength going forward.

Race Recap from Coach Vassilis Krommidas:
This week Andreas Ghoros took part in the Ironman 70.3 in Philippines, part of preparing for the World Championship in Chattanooga. The difficult conditions did not allow him to achieve a good performance, it was more mental strength training! Only happy and proud can I feel for the mental strength shown by my athletes!

Race Recap from Coach Christian Nitschke:

World Champs qualification secured; congratulations Pavel!

Pavel Blagikh did the 70.3 Otepää as another training race during his Ironman Kalmar preparation. The conditions in the swim were tough with very choppy water but he had an ok swim split compared to the last races. Even though he felt weak on the bike he could ride the 2nd fastest bike split of his agegroup. He started the run in 4th position but strictly executed the plan of a progressive run to save some energy for the Ironman in 2 weeks. He felt great on the run and just pushed a bit more during the last part of it. Despite a very demanding and hilly course he had one of the best run splits ever. After the race he has send me a picture of his 70.3 World championship qualification with the words: “Feedback later…But we already have a goal for 2018 ;)”. Pavels wife did qualify as well and they will travel to South Africa together next year!



Congratulations to all our athletes competing this weekend. online triathlon coaches are available to help improve your performance here...

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