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Championship Wins Highlight an Amazing Weekend

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Huge Congrats to Sarah Crowley with a dominating wire-to-wire win in Cairns. Photo Credit: Korupt Vision

The Asia Pacific Cairns Ironman could not of gone better for the two Trisutto Brisbane squad members of  Josh Amberger and Sarah Crowley taking out the wins and course records of 8:02 and 8:58 respectively. Quite special victories for different reasons.

Sarah Crowley took out Cairns Ironman in 8:58 in a wire to wire win!!! Alot has already been written about the race, and for Sarah’s race, pretty straight forward report.. Out of the water with leader, rode away to 13min lead, cruised run, bang bang that’s all she wrote… so I’ll give some insight into her lead up “Build the technique to suit the individual, do the training to suit the technique”
Sarah had her end of season break in March after Geelong 70.3 then started an intensive swim block in April. 2 x lead up races 8 and 4 weeks out. 1 sprint distance, 1 Olympic Distance. The Olympic Distance result I think has flown under the radar by many, but to highlight it was an incredible performance under full Ironman training load. Swimming non wetsuit within sight of Bella Luxford and ITU hitter Barb Riveros, before unleashing a 35:23 10k to win by over 3min. Sarah is now headed up to our St Moritz Trisutto training base in the lead up to Frankfurt Ironman for the European Championships.

A superb performance by Josh, taking out his first IM Title in Cairns. Photo Credit: Korupt Vision

Josh and I go back quite some time to the mid 2000’s when I still raced, we live nearby and we swam in the same swim squad for years where we were the only 2 triathletes…amongst all the olympic gold and national team swimmers…

I was racing 70.3 and Ironman, and Josh being younger was doing the ITU.. Fast forward to October 2016 and after returning from Kona, Josh invited me around to chew the fat and the possibility of me coaching him… We sat on it for a few weeks, agreed it could work and to work we went… My promise to him, to give him a real taste of Ironman, not a watered down version, see if he liked it and if so we would continue, or if he hated it, then forget about it and continue in the 70.3’s..

We had a motto from the start that we would only do this if we were committed to being a player in the “German Nationals” a term we use daily to remind us of who’s set the current world level in Kona..Not to live in delusion that smaller Ironman’s are anything in the ballpark of the level of the pointy end at Kona… So off to South Africa he went, the strongest field we could find to get his first taste.. an admirable effort off a less then ideal leadup that included the inaugral SuperLeague Triathlon which was only 2 weeks out from South Africa… but we  certainly had no regrets from that, what a fantastic event and opportunity to be a part of… After South Africa, the question was asked, “Is that enough of this Ironman stuff now?” Josh’s reply “sign me up, let’s find another, gimme another go!!!”
So we built upon our previous build and Cairns was a no brainer..From the start we’ve made quite a few changes in Josh’s techniques, which are starting to take hold under fatigue and on race day he executed a  race plan to perfection…proving that we are headed in the right direction, but again, the “German Nationals” aren’t a cake walk… onwards and upwards there is much work to do!!!

Congratulations Jess…, 2nd in AG and Top 10 overall in Japan 70.3

Jess Ripper had a great race in the Japan 70.3 with a consistent performance across the swim/bike and a PB half marathon to finish off!! Jess was top 10 overall on the day, and is showing the consistent work he has been performing in training is reaping benefits. Jess is qualified for 70.3 Worlds and for Kona and as we build into Kona will do the “home” race the Hokkaido Triathlon in the lead up…

Race Recap from Coach Brett Sutton:

Back in the saddle and back on top – well done Dani!

This athlete report is a little different, as yes we had James Cunnama run into a little bit of form to take 2nd at 70.3 Rapperswil, while the bird, Daniela Ryf got back on the horse and completed her first long work over an hour in 3 months, so that was a breakthrough of sorts.

A blitzing run by James and a 2nd place finish.

However with my new job of coaching coaches I want to make my biggest statement of pride to see coach Cam Watt take the sweep in IM Cairns. Cam and I go way back and I have always told anybody that would listen that he had the instincts to be a great coach. His performance on the weekend was my stand out, but only by a short margin, as I work with coach Susie Langley a former world age group World Champion and so I see her work on a daily basis, and to see the improvement in the athletes she works with is a big bonus for me.

Dani and Emma greeting Nina at the finish, and an all Swiss Women’s Podium.

Nina Derron lead the world champ for the majority of the race in 70.3 Rapperswil to gain her first ever podium. Her mind set to go out and take it to the bird made me smile, that Susie has learned her coaching lessons well. Her athlete was prepared to perfection, great job to both coaches.

Race Recap from Coach Susie Langley:

‘Catch-me-if-you-can’ – Nina was relentless on the bike.

Nina Derron showed great courage on the weekend, taking the bull-by-the horns at 70.3 Rapperswil and leading for a large portion of the race. She was eventually passed by team mate Daniela at the 14k mark of the run, and former team mate Emma Bilham inside the last km, holding on to third place and her first Professional Podium finish. It was a confidence building outcome for Nina who for the last 9 months has diligently managed a very consistent and dedicated training load in conjunction with her full time University schedule. With Uni done, Nina now heads to Trisutto Training Camp in St.Moritz for the Summer.

Race Recap from Coach Melanie Mitchell:

Overcoming many obstacles on route to a great day out at Cairns 70.3; Congratulations Leah 🙂

Leah Newman raced the Cairns Airport, Cairns 70.3 Ironman over the weekend. Cairns was a major goal for her to improve upon, after tough conditions last year saw her not have the race she had worked so hard for.

Ten days out from Cairns, and after months of misdiagnosis and interrupted training, Leah was finally diagnosed with a L5/S1 disc bulge compressing her nerve and causing nerve pain in her ankle. To even start the race Leah needed to have a guided cortisone injection in her back. For most people this would unravel them 10 days out from their major event. Leah handled it like she does with all things thrown at her, with grace and optimism. We decided that taper will just have to come early and we will take it each day as it comes.
To say I am proud of Leah’s performance is an understatement! Leah improved her swim by a whopping 10 mins! Leah has many anxieties when it comes to the swim, which we are working through. The swim conditions were anything but ideal! So to see such a huge improvement in her weakest leg is outstanding! Leah also improved on the bike by 5 mins, and finished just as strong on the run with a 9 min improvement from last year!!
Overall, giving her a 24 minute improvement from last year.
Well done Leah! I believe with less interruptions to Leah’s training now that her injury has been diagnosed we will see even further improvements.

Thank you Leah for asking me to coach you and believing in me as I do in you. We are a great team!

Race Recap from Coach Mathias Hecht:

Congratulations Georgina on an impressive AG win (17th Overall), here with proud Coach Mathias.

Bettina Steiger and Georgina both won their age group and finished top 20 overall.  Both swimming exactly the same time.
Georgina’s strength is the bike and she showed that once out there, a strong 2h34min set her up perfectly. We knew the heat doesn’t suit her well, but still, she fought through the 21k and finished the race of with a 1h40min run. Securing her place at the top of the podium for her age group. She is in great shape and ready for her main goal of the season, the iconic Challenge Roth. Let’s hope the temperature wont hit 30°C there.

Congratulation Bettina on you impressive first 70.3 race – first in AG and 14th Overall

Bettina showed that she can ride a bike as well and not just run. A 2:41 put her right in the mix and the run was still to come. With not many pro girls running faster then her 1h 29min, picking up one after the other. Her season is just one big success story so far, let s not forget, this was her first 70.3 race. I can’t wait to see her race her first Ironman in Zürich in July.
Both girls show me what’s possible if the mindset is there. They are both tough, they are not pros, but their approach in training couldn’t be any more professional.

Domenico had a rough day out. He has been sick most of winter and is struggling with an achilles and calf issues for several month, making it hard to keep the so important routine in training. In my opinion, he made the most out of it, even if it was a big struggle. The injury and health issues meant we missed a lot of work that needs to be done if you want to succeed, so it is back to the books and to make some decisions about how we approach the next races and even more importantly, the training. His little boy and his amazing wife will help him to set priorities right over next few days and get the energy back he needs to target the next goal and recharge quickly.

Race Recap from Coach Lisbeth Kristensen:

Well done Victor at Rapperswil – step-by-step!

This weekend, I had 3 of my athletes racing 70.3 IM Switzerland.
Victor Manrique had a good swim (32 mins) and a good bike (2:33) but then he found it very hard to find some extra gears on the run and probably melted a bit in the heat! He finished in a time of 5:01. But much better transitions than last time and getting much better at descending in the Swiss mountains!

What day for Maurice!

Due to other priorities, Maurice Inzirillo has been training a lot less than usual since X-mas but Maurice still wanted to give it a go! Maurice ended up swimming very ok (39 mins), he rode very well (2:39) and then he finished off with a fantastic run in very hot conditions! (1:39). This got him a 3rd place in his age group 55-59! Maurice, you’re a star!

Nick Morrell did his very first half! Nick is a former rower and loves the training and the competition, like a few! Nick had a very ok swim (36 mins) and a great bike (2:31) but he probably did the first lap a bit too hard, it’s all a learning curve! And then he had a few issues on the run with cramps and the heat and ended up with a time of 5:07. Much more to come next time!

Race Recap from Coach Irene Coletto:

Alex Luraschi celebrating his success after Ironman 70.3 Rapperswil

Alex Luraschi: Race the ever popular  IRONMAN 70.3 Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland on Sunday. Finishing with an impressive time of 5:17:24,  he had a good bike split, and a very fast swim too. Well done Alex!! We’re looking forward to what’s ahead!

Stefano Curzio: Raced an Olympic distance Triathlon at Bardolino, Garda Lake, Italy. Placing 32nd (out of 186 competitors), with a time of 2:31:12. Stefano is making good progress in his training and racing, with a solid swim and a great bike. Using this race as a training session has prepared him well for a 70.3 event next week!

Race Recap from Coach Edith Niederfriniger:

Martina taking an impressive 4th Place at Challenge Venice

Challenge Venice (Ironman distance): Martina Dogana suffered a few health issues over the last few months. So only 3 weeks to go we were close to canceling this race, but then Marty felt better and we decided to give it a go. 4th place F Pro in 9:59.35 in very windy and hot conditions is ok for her. We know that this result is the best she was able to produce with all the past difficulties. Now we are looking forward to building up for a strong second part of the season. Well done Marty!

David Galafassi participated in a relay team doing the swim and half of the bike. For him it was mostly about getting into the Iron distance feeling, as David will race his first one at the end of September: Ironman Cervia (Italy).

70.3 Rapperswill: Mirco Pulici had a really good race (5:11.01) considering that only two years ago at the same place he finished in 5:49, a huge improvement. Mirco is preparing for Ironman Copenhagen in August and this race gave us confidence about the preparation. Good job Mirco!

Mirco celebrating after his huge PB at 70.3 Rapperswil.

Jana Perrone raced in a relay team, 36 minutes for the 1.9km swim.In one week Jana will be at the start line at the 70.3 European Championship in Elsinore. Go go go Jana!

Triathlon Olympic Distance Bardolino (Italy): Andrea Cattabiani finished in 2:32.12. As Andrea is mostly preparing for half distance races, so this was just about getting in some fast miles 🙂 Overall we are very satisfied with this race weekend! Bring on the next one!

Race Recap from Coach Ed Rechnitzer:

Another weekend of PBs for three of my athletes, with Annabel Cowper and Christian Bachli raced Ironman  70.3 Switzerland. Annabel has been working super hard on her swim this year and shaved off almost 3 minutes from her race time last year. Christian carved out another 12 minute PB on the bike and finally cracked the 5 hour mark on his overall time. Apparently conditions were hot on the day, so I am pleased with how both managed the conditions and still finish strong.

Over in Canada, Loreen Mazur finished 4th in her AG at the Wasa Olympic triathlon near Cranbrook British Columbia. Loreen also set personal course PBs across the board – ~2.30 min on the swim, ~10 min on the bike and ~3 min on the run and 16 minutes overall for the course!

Race Recap from Coach Carson Christen:

Jappas running strong at Challenge Herning.

Jappas Du Preez set his first main goal for the year as the European Middle Distance Championships at Challenge Herning this weekend. We have put an early season run injury behind us and the short course races and results he has put together told us he’s in great shape. It absolutely showed on race day as he put together a very solid swim/bike/run to cross the line 6th place in the ever difficult 35-39 age class. With this result, he has already qualified for next years event. We found some great improvements and also some things to work on as we now look to Ironman Wales in the second half of the season. Great work Jappas!

Jan running to a strong finish at Ironman 70.3 Rapperswil

Jan Pascal Tschudy’s first ‘A’ race of the year was Ironman 70.3 Rapperswil. We have done some big work on Jan’s swim this year, and it truly showed in the open water. Not only did he produce a big swim pb, he came out of the water with plenty of energy to keep going. Onto the bike, Jan went to work and passed many athletes on course to move from 71st to 13th position at the start of the run. And once onto the run, Jan used his very good run abilities to improve his spot even more to 10th place in the Men’s 30-34 age class. With Ironman Zurich on the horizon, this was a great show of fitness and allowed us to try a few things nutrition wise that will hopefully help us on the big day coming up. Superb day, Jan!

Bill Knoedel continued his time trial season with another round of the Elkhart TT Series in Iowa, USA. The previous two races of the season, he was beaten into 2nd place by the same competitor. But his hard work and resilience in training showed as he reversed the podium steps for his first Elkhart victory of the year, and a personal best on the course! Congrats Bill!!!!

Race Recap from Coach Michelle Barnes:

Lori super happy after her first 5 Peaks Trail Race!

It was a huge weekend for my athletes around the globe!
First off Lori Russet informed me that she signed up for a “hilly” 10 km run. What I eventually found it was it was a 5 Peaks trail race, a short run with almost 400m of ascent! Lucky for us, we love running hills & big gear training and it showed in her run. She loved every minute in her first trail race & felt she could do it all over, well done Lori- getting stronger every race!

Joanie first female on the weekend on dirt!

Joanie Heisey, our super versatile AG athlete decided very last minute to take on a MTB race in Idaho & she went out and came first over the line of all the females! Not bad for 50- next up is an Olympic distance race at 8500 ft.

Nat celebrating her victory 🙂

Natalie Kerr lined up for Cairns 70.3 as her “key” race for the year and absolutely nailed it. We’ve been working very hard this year to get the most out of Nat with the new style of training. Her new bike strength became apparent very early but it has taken a while to get the strength she needs to be able to access the run she’s been doing in training, until Sunday! Everything came together for Nat, she swam one of her best 70.3 swims, nailed her best bike (top in her AG) with a smokin’ 2:31, clocking her best Power ever (even more than a sprint race earlier in the year) and went on to win her the F40-44 AG with the 2nd fastest run in her age! Awesome work Nat!!

Paul Jung traveled to Wisconsin 70.3 for his first race of the year. Paul’s swim & bike have hit a new level this year and it showed in the race until 20 miles into the bike where is pedal snapped off! Such a shame but completely out of his control so now we regroup and get ready for Muskoka 70.3 in 4 weeks 🙂

Melonie at the finish line all smiles with her super Sherpa Quinn and super supportive squad!

Last but certainly not least was Melonie Macdoanld. I could easily write a book on everything life has thrown at Melonie in the last couple months. There was so much going on that we even contemplated Boulder as it was going to take some mental strength to put past all the adversity she had dealt with. Melonie is not a quitter and when she decides she wants to do something, she puts her whole heart into it, no matter what’s going on inside she’s a total warrior on the outside! We made some smart decisions to not add extra stress to training and keep it as enjoyable as possible while keeping confidence that she was still doing enough to be ready to race a tough course up at altitude! She probably put out one of the most inspiring performances I’ve seen. Before I continue, I want everyone to know Melonie had no injures as I would never set someone out in an Ironman if that were the case, there was much more happening. Either way Melonie put her helmet on and despite feeling pretty crap & average all day she stayed positive, never ever gave up, not even a little bit! She went from 24th out of the swim, to 11th off the bike to 5th on the run! This is no where near the result Melonie’s capable of but at the same time, a result neither of us will ever forget! Time for some fun for a while but I can assure you , the best is yet to come from this champion!

Race Recap from Coach Mirjam Weerd:

Jenni Paglia saw all the hard work come to life at Ironman 70.3 Rapperswil. She overcame sickness during the swim and pushed hard on the bike. At the end of the bike she got run into by another athlete who crashed her chainring into Jenni’s calf. But that couldnt stop her from running a very solid half marathon as the temperatures rose to around 30 degrees. She held it all together and could even pick up the pace to finish strong. At the finishline Jenni could celebrate a 15 minute pb on this course! Well done Jenni! So proud of you!

Race Recap from Coach Bella Bayliss:

Strong second place for Lucy at Challenge Denmark. Photo Credit: James Mitchell Photography

As Lucy builds momentum into the year of racing, she raced at Challenge Denmark. Lucy had a smooth strong race finishing 2nd in her category. Showing her hard work in training is all going well. Next Lucy will go to England to race, desperate for more podiums later in the year.

Race Recap from Coach Rafal Medak:

Krzysztof looking so happy and relaxed on the run.

Krzysztof Machnicki – only 2 weeks after his first ever 70.3 distance race going hard in an Olympic distance (5i50 Warsaw) was going to be challenging.  However, being fit means we can go hard within a short period of time and this is what Krzysztof did.  After hard swim in very challenging conditions he went really hard on the bike with a 1:01 split over 40k – a remarkable improvement compared to last year.  He must have been very pleased with his bike because he looks so happy and relaxed on the run as if he was running for fun and not racing. As he said after the race a 42min run on this challenging but beautiful course through Warsaw’s old town was not easy, he felt good but it was as hard as during some of the training sessions he did before so the pain felt ‘familiar’. He finished 18th in the AG beating his last years time on the same course by almost 20 minutes. Congratulations on almost perfectly executed race and a massive PB of 2:18!

Marko Vaisanen is building his form before half Ironman and the full distance later in the year with some shorter races. Last Saturday it was a Sprint Triathlon Vanajanlinna in Finland. Marko was testing his speed with in a sprint distance on a challenging course. I’m very happy with the race – it was a good result so early in the season – fantastic improvement on the swim, strong bike and a solid run to finish off and 10th place in his very competitive Age Group.

Kati Pusey represented Germany in ETU Middle distance Championship in Denmark. With less then ideal build up over last couple of weeks where Kati had to juggle work and family commitments, she had a great day. Kati did what what she always doses best – give it her all in the race and have fun! She might have forgotten then there is still a RUN to do after the BIKE leg!  Strong swim and blistering bike split (one of the fastest on the day!) gave her a confidence to hang on tough on the run in hot conditions. This strong performance gave here 10th position in her AG in very strong championship field. Very well done, Kati!

Race Recap from Coach Robbie Haywood:

Gisela, always smiling at the races 🙂 

Gisela Reichmuth is on a race frenzy this week.  An 8km running road race on Wednesday evening at Forchlauf, followed by a Saturday 6km time trial at Tour de Swiss, then on Sunday running in a team at 70.3 Rapperswil. With a sprint triathlon the weekend before, and an Olympic distance next weekend, this is ‘the summer of racing’ for Gisela 🙂

Mark Watt took a break from structured training after Kona last year to focus on other areas of his life, before recommencing working together a little over a month ago. At very short notice he entered Ironman Boulder, and despite some juggling training around his business commitments (including an 8 day international business trip),  produced a superb performance to secure his start in Kona this October. Credit to Mark for pulling this off, and his gusty race day performance. Consistency over winter and through his years in the sport producing another golden ticket. See you in Kona Mark.

Flora Colledge is preparing for Swissman iron distance race later this month, and two weeks after winning Einstein Triathlon in Ulm lined up again at 70.3 Rapperswil. An improved swim was reward for the training she has put in, but from there a harder day ahead. Credit to Flora for keeping her cool on a hot day, and getting this catered workout done – as it will count in two weeks time. We keep our eyes on the prize…….

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