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8 days of Excellence!

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Sarah Crowley winning the World ITU Long Course Title in Penticton. Photo Credit: ITU Media, Delly Carr

8 days, 2 x Professional World Titles, 1 x Professional Silver World Championship medal, 2 x 70.3 age group wins, 1 x Overall long course win and a Kona age group qualifier…

Flick taking home the World Duathlon Title last week. Photo Credit: ITU Media, Delly Carr

Felicity Sheedy-Ryan limped in the gate of our HillsDistrict Brisbane pool in March this year to begin work on turning her endless potential into more then just a talking point. We slowly got Flick back up and running while commencing a full reconstruction of her swim stroke, which is never an easy process to trust but also to accept the sheer amount of work needed to turn one of Australia’s fastest ITU runners in recent years into a a swimmer fast enough for her run weapon to fight for race wins. During this long process Flick had the goal to win the Duathlon World Championships in Penticton. After spending time in our Brisbane base, St Mortiz Switzerland and then a final build in Park City Utah, Flick dropped down to Penticton late with a mindset to own the title regardless of the non-conventional lead-up which included very little running due to a severely twisted ankle 5 weeks out. Flick withstood the savage 33:30min first 10km run which thinned the front group to only 3 then immediately on bike used the torturous climb out of transition to set up a catch me if you can race plan. Flick held off the chasers with a great solo bike and did what she needed to do to win a well deserved World Title in convincing fashion. Flick is now back in Europe to race the Czech Republic ITU World Cup before then heading to the non drafting Beijing International Olympic distance.

Sarah’s phenomenal season continues…, World Champion! Photo Credit: ITU Media, Delly Carr

Sarah Crowley can now add World Champion to her resume which this year has already crowned her European, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Australian national champion… A championship rampage of which she has no peer this year, men or women to this point. After her back to back sub 9hr Ironman victories in Cairns and Frankfurt Sarah headed to our US base in Park City Utah to continue training for Kona but above all progress her level so that we can keep fighting for the big championship titles in the  future. A devastating negative splited 1:55 final 30km run put the title beyond doubt with her final 10k putting quite a few of our Aussie ITU girls olympic distance splits to shame… Sarah is now back to Brisbane Australia to our HillsDistrict base to keep the build up to Kona going. Being satisfied with exceptional is the enemy of becoming sublime…the work continues, keep watching this space, we’re still building 😉

Josh on route to a fantastic second place in Penticton. Photo Credit: ITU Media, Delly Carr

Josh Amberger also on a winning streak after his Cairns Asia-Pacific title and back to back 70.3 titles in Sweden and Canada dropped into Penticton to the ITU Long Course Champs on his way towards his debut Kona. We’ve been making great improvements but specifically on the bike and what better competition to test it against the man of the moment Lionel Sanders.. Josh lead from the wire putting 4min into Lionel in the 3k swim and made it a pursuit that saw Josh caught only 5km from the line and in Lionel’s words taking him to the brink in the process… always tough to get caught so late, but also great confirmation of Josh’s progression to take silver at a world championship event in essentially a man o mano battle against the Sanders. It was also a loud statement to the couple of male pros at Kona that are capable of swimming with Josh, you may be capable, but are you willing? Sit back and you just gave the non swimmers a free roll of the dice….

Jess takes out the Hokkaido Triathlon last week.

Jess Ripper raced his home Island long course race the Hokkaido Triathlon in Japan last weekend. Using it as a lead-up race to the 2 upcoming 70.3 and Kona World Championships, Jess had a much improved swim due to his commitment to consistency in the pool which we began in the Japan winter. Over the hilly bike course Jess revelled and made his way to a commanding lead and won not only his age group but overall title.

Dean Bowen our British/Aussie athlete is on the comeback trail after struggling with a knee injury for a while after a bike crash earlier this year. After getting through the London Long course a few weeks ago we stretched him out to the half ironman distance in the Dublin 70.3. Dean took the win in his 30-34 age group and his 1:20 run split signalled the knee problem is a distant memory.

Kyle Mooney came to me after missing a Kona slot at Cairns by only 7min. Motivated to improve, race and chase his dream of a Kona slot, we got to work immediately lining up the Qujing 70.3 in China which as a bonus had Kona qualifying spots. Kyle executed a great race which posed quite a few unique considerations, one being it was held at 1700m altitude, quite a challenge for someone residing at sea level without the ability to prepare specifically to deal with this.. Kyle was consistent, and took on board the different methodology and doing his bike training exclusively on the turbo to maximise training/lifestyle mix being a father/husband to a working mother Kyle was rewarded with the victory in 30-34 agegroup booking his ticket to Kona!!!


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